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One of the best ways to express love is by sending a bouquet. In Thailand, roses bouquets have long been one of the most popular flower arrangements. While many florists will offer different options for this special day, one of the best is to order a bouquet from Thailand. This is because they can offer a variety of different types of rose bouquets to the consumer, in order to satisfy any taste or budget. We sell roses Thailand and have many different kinds of red roses bouquets for delivery. Red rose bouquets are the most popular gifts but we also sell them in pink, yellow, and whites. A bouquet of roses is the most common gift for Valentine's day when people often order arrangements with teddy bears or mix the reds with another colour such as pink or white rose stems.

Ordering Roses all Thailand Delivery Service

Our website has a large selection of flower arrangements, and they are arranged in pretty bouquets (in various numbers and color types) so that you can see before you order. When ordering online, you should be prepared to have some problems, especially if you don't know how to shop for them or don't know where to start. If you follow the tips mentioned here, you should have no trouble finding everything you want. We stock many colours and types of roses which are available year-round. If ordering for Valentine's Day please place your order by 13th February.

24 Red Roses Vase 66
USD 99.99

24 Premium Red Roses Vase

This beautifully arranged bouquet is even made more beautiful in a vase. It not only looks good but smells good.

12 (standard) Roses, Bear & Chocolates 95
USD 89.99

12 (standard) Roses, Bear & Chocolates

A great romantic gift for any lady. 12 stems, Bear and Chocolates

Tied For Ever
USD 79.99

Tied For Ever

Red flower basket. It is arranged in a beautiful wicker basket with a bear.

18 White Roses 174
USD 89.99

18 White Roses

A beautiful white bouquet. It symbolizes purity and perfect for love and romance.

Bearing Blooms 224
USD 109.99

Bearing Blooms

Give the best gift you can find. This set includes an amazing arrangement of pink roses and a cute teddy bear.

Adorable 99
USD 79.99


The sweet fragrance of this bouquet will surely capture the heart. This bouquet of flowers is both beautiful and elegant.

Angels Desire 225
USD 84.99

Pinky Promise

This bouquet of pink flowers will make her feel like an angel. An ideal gift for any event.

Passion For Pink 198
USD 89.99

Passion For Pink

An amazing arrangement of pink flowers wrapper in a pink bouquet. Specially made just for her.

Fiesta 239
USD 64.99


An outstanding bouquet of flowers. Perfectly wrapped in white and red ribbon.

Purple and Pink
USD 89.99

Purple and Pink Vase

A perfect combination of purple and pink flowers. This arrangement is just a beauty to gaze upon.

Best Wishes 221
USD 76.99

Best Wishes

Send your best wishes. This classic and elegant bouquet of 12 roses is perfect.

Stargazing (popular)
USD 89.99


A majestic arrangement of various beautiful flowers. Just for the one you love.

3 (standard) Roses and Bear 148
USD 76.99

3 (standard) Roses and Bear

The standard 3 roses for any romantic occasion. Made even better with a cute teddy bear.

Pastel Sensation
USD 84.69

Pastel Sensation

The bouquet is a beautiful mix of different colors of roses. It is a bouquet of both beauty and class.

18 Roses & Lilies Vase 75
USD 89.99

12 Roses & 6 Lilies Vase

The flowers are beautifully organized in a clear vase. The perfect combination of roses and lilies in a vase.

Pink Perfect 281
USD 79.99

Pink Perfect

The perfect pink bouquet just for her. A stunning choice for love or romance.

12 Long Red Roses in Sheaf
USD 84.99

12 Red Roses Sheaf

Romantic flowers for a romantic occasion. Long-stem for a lover.

Cute Romance 100
USD 64.99

Cute Romance

A classic gift for ladies. Each set contains a cute bear, chocolates and three lovely flowers.

Absolute Perfection 142
USD 89.99

Absolute Perfection

A beautiful arrange of various colors of flowers. It is absolutely perfect for any occasion.

Lovers Touch 286
USD 77.99

Lovers Touch

A classic and stunning flower bouquet. The perfect bouquet for lovers.

100 red roses
USD 249.99

99 Red Roses Bouquet

This could well be the ultimate statement of love. 99 is the luckiest number in Thailand. 99 high quality import stems.

Dutch Rose 214
USD 79.99

Bouquet Of Roses

A bouquet of beautiful roses is the perfect surprise for your special someone. We deliver a number of rose bouquet options across Bangkok & Thailand.

24 Red Roses Bouquet 72
USD 99.99

24 Premium Red Roses Bouquet

More flowers are better. The classic bouquet for a romantic date or for Valentine's Day.

18 Red Roses (Lucky) 103
USD 89.99

18 Red Roses (Special Offer)

The classic Valentine's day gift. A bouquet that will surely capture one's heart.

9 Red Roses with Bear (Lucky) 91
USD 99.99

9 Premium Kung Ming Red Roses with Bear (Lucky)

This is a simple yet elegant bouquet. Each set contains a bear and an beautiful arrangement of flowers.

3 Red Roses. Hand Tied. Brown Wrapping.
USD 45.99

3 Red Roses Bouquet & Heart Pillow (Bangkok Only)

This item is available for delivery in Bangkok only

Classic Bouquet 217
USD 79.99

Classic Bouquet

A classic bouquet that is made even more beautiful wrapped in white and a red ribbon. Simply amazing!

9 Pink Roses 36
USD 68.24

9 Pink Roses

Nothing beats roses to capture the heart of the woman of your life. What better way than to give 9 stems and in her favorite color.

9 Roses (Lucky) 93
USD 59.99

9 Roses (Lucky)

A classic bouquet. Tied with a red ribbon. The bouquet shows both is stylish and sophisticated.

6 Red Roses Gift Pack
USD 99.99

6 Roses Gift Pack (Best Seller)

A gift pack containing flowers, bear, heart pillow - chocolates and more. An amazing romantic gesture.

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When looking at arrangements you should think about how many stems are going to be used, how many different flower colors will be in the bouquet, what the arrangement is going to look like when arranged, and what the occasion and meaning is. There are lots of options when it comes to choosing flora for an event, and if you follow these tips you should be able to make the right choice. Different types of bouquets can have a different meaning for the recipient. A bouquet makes is a strong romantic statement. We also have combination gifts with different varieties of flora together with teddies, chocolates, and a ribbon. Roses Thailand bouquets are often sent from overseas for Valentine's Day, if you are overseas and don't speak Thai it is no problem for us. You can write a greeting message in English, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and many other languages, and we can easily print it and attach it to your greeting card message in the same language.

For delivery over the Valentine's Day period  12th to 14th February please order ONLY from the Valentine's Day Section

Send Roses to Thailand Fast, Cheap, Nationwide

No matter what the occasion - Birthday, Friendship, Engagements, Congratulations, or just a surprise gift to delight your girl and show affection we can deliver your gift to all locations in Thailand. We send bouquets in Bangkok every day but we can also send any type of flora to all cities and locations. Popular roses Thailand delivery cities include Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ubon, Phuket, and Pattaya. In traditional Thai culture, red stems are associated with love, romance, and passion. White stems are associated with innocence and purity. White sheaves are featured primarily at weddings but are also a common gift for Mother's Day. Red color roses are the go-to for Valentine's Day. When ordering online, you will be able to choose from stems in reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows to match your personality and any budget. There are even some options to include a variety of different flora, like carnations and lilies. Some companies will even ship the roses in a silk container to add to the beauty of the arrangement, which will then be placed in a large vase

How can I send roses to Thailand?

The easiest way to send roses in Thailand is via a florist website based in Bangkok. For the best prices and quickest/easiest service, you should choose a website that specializes in sending in Thailand only. If you go through a large international network you will pay more and the service quality may be reduced.

Where can I buy roses in Bangkok?

If you are currently in Bangkok, you can go to the Pak Khlong Talat floral market which is in Banglampoo (not so far from Khao San Rd). Prices there are very cheap, especially for wholesale.

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