Mother’s Day Thailand Flowers & Gifts

Mother’s Day Thailand

Mother’s Day around the world is always an important day. But in Thailand, it is particularly auspicious due to the deep respect shown to all Thai mothers. The date for Mother’s Day in Thailand is on the 12th August and is chosen as that date because it’s the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen Mothers’ birthday. For the Thai people, the Queen Mother is seen as the mother of the whole nation. The traditional color of flower sent on this day is white, and on our website, you’ll find many suitable white flower designs appropriate for the occasion.

Thailand flowers such as live Jasmine plants we also have available at selected locations nationwide (not available in Bangkok).If you would like a live Jasmine plant as a gift for Mother’s Day please email us at before placing your order. All other flower products are available for delivery throughout Thailand. We can deliver to all cities, towns, and villages on this most special of days.

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