Flower delivery by phichit florist

The Phichit province is located in the north of Thailand. Both the rivers Nan and Yom flow through the province. This has resulted in the area being incredibly flat and fertile. Agriculture is a booming industry here with rice and lotus being the main exports. Tourism isn’t as rampant here as it is in other parts of Thailand, however there are a number of ‘religious’ sights to see. This includes a 34 foot golden Buddha statue located in Tapan Hin. A boat racing festival takes palce in the area every September which has people from all over Thailand come to visit.

Photo of lady with flowers in Phichit, Thailand
Photo of lady with flowers in Phichit, Thailand

Our Flower Delivery Areas in Phichit

  • Mueang Phichit
  • Wang Sai Phun
  • Pho Prathap Chang
  • Taphan Hin
  • Bang Mun Nak
  • Pho Thale
  • Sam Ngam
  • Tap Khlo
  • Sak Lek
  • Bueng Na Rang
  • Dong Charoen
  • Wachirabarami