Flower Delivery by Phayao Florist

Phayao is located in the north of Thailand. It shares a border with Xaignabouili in Laos. The area is pretty much dominated by the Phi Pan Nam Range which stretches across the entire province. There is a beautiful valley in the centre which has been formed by the Ing River. This is surrounded by even more mountain ranges. The economy is fuelled by a handmade cotton industry, as well as inklings of tourism. People come from all over the world to visit the beautiful natural sights and the wonderful temples that sit with then Phayao district.

Our Flower Delivery Areas in Phayao

  • Mueang Phayao
  • Chun
  • Chiang Kham
  • Chiang Muan
  • Dok Khamtai
  • Pong
  • Mae Chai
  • Phu Sang
  • Phu Kamyao
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