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Pattaya Flowers


I have used two different Pattaya florists before and the flowers were not as good as the ones you sell and they were a bit difficult to deal with. I am impressed with your customer service, you responded to my emails quickly and the flowers were wonderful.

I am happy to give you a recomendation. I am really happy with the level of service you provided. Your customer service is excellent and sent me an email to confirm the order was sent as soon as it was delivered.

The flowers were lovely. I will order again soon. I will be in Pattaya soon so I will come and visit you guys and buy some more flowers in person.

Your Pattaya florist has always been outstanding. The flowers are top quality. I have also bought cakes and choclates which are also excellent. I usually buy the large dutch roses and they are really very good.

Our Flower Delivery Areas in Pattaya

  • Beach Road
  • Sukhumvit Road

  • Nong Prue
  • Na Kluea
  • Huai Yai
  • Nong Pla Lai
  • Bang Lamung
  • Bang Lamung
  • Nong Pla Lai
  • Takhian Tia
  • Bang Sali
  • Jomtien
  • The whole of Pattaya Beach area
  • Every other suburb and area in Pattaya
  • All Pattaya bars and entertainment areas

Pattaya, located around 150km from Bangkok is an eastern seaside resort in Thailand. It is a very popular tourist destination from people all over the world. In the past it was known as a ‘party town’ where sex and alcohol was rife, however, the Thailand Government has cleaned up the city and now it is a family friendly area. There is a lot to see and do here including standard tourist fare such as zoos and theme parks. The sanctuary of truth and the Pattaya Park Tower remain firm tourist favourites, coupled with the Mini Siam model village which remains popular amongst families. As you can probably guess, the majority of the economy here is supported by the tourist trade.

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