Flower Delivery by Nong Khai Florist

The Nong Khai province is located in the north east of Thailand. It shares a border with Laos and is less than 25km from the capital of Laos. One of the major sights here is the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge which adds a connection between the two countries. The province is located in a valley formed by the Mekong river. The economy is driven by some of the tourists that visit from Laos owing to the close proximity, there are a number of ‘local’ products on sale by the residents of Nong Khai which are sold onto tourists, including the popular sweet sausage.

Our Flower Delivery Areas in Nong Khai

  • Mueang Nong Khai
  • Tha Bo
  • Bueng Kan
  • Phon Charoen
  • Phon Phisai
  • So Phisai
  • Si Chiang Mai
  • Sangkhom
  • Seka
  • Pak Khat
  • Bueng Khong Long
  • Si Wilai
  • Bung Khla
  • Sakhrai
  • Fao Rai
  • Pho Tak
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