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Mukdahan is located in the north east of Thailand. It shares a border with Laos. The majority of the area in the west is covered by the Phu Phan mountains which are coated in thick forest, whilst the centre is located in the Mekong Valley. One of the most popular features in the summer is the Kaeng Kabao which is rapids located on the Mekong River, however during the summer the dry season, the water disappears leaving a number of beaches on show. The economy of the area is fuelled by agriculture as well as a small bit of money generated by religious tourism.

our flower delivery areas in mukdahan

  • Mueang Mukdahan
  • Don Tan
  • Khamcha-i
  • Nong Sung
  • Nikhom Kham Soi
  • Dong Luang
  • Wan Yai
Photo of lady with flowers in Mukdahan, Thailand