Kamphaeng Phet Flowers Delivery

Flower Delivery by kamphaeng phet Florist

Kamphaeng Phet is located in the north of Thailand. The majority of the province is dominated by flats created by rivers, the main one being the Ping river. However, the west of the area is covered with mountains covered in forest. Agriculture is a good part of the economy here, with bananas being one of the most produced forms of fruit in the area. One of the most famous sights in the area is the Phra Ruang Hot Spring, which is a ‘health’ spring. This is coupled with a few national parks in the area including the Khlong Lan National Park which covers over 300 square meters. It is mainly untouched jungles there.

our flower delivery areas in kamphaeng phet

  • Mueang Kamphaeng Phet
  • Khlong Lan
  • Khlong Khlung
  • Lan Krabue
  • Pang Sila Thong
  • Kosamphi Nakhon
  • Sai Ngam
  • Khanu Woralaksaburi
  • Phran Kratai
  • Sai Thong Watthana
  • Bueng Samakkhi
Photo of lady with flowers in Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand