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Kalasin Province is located in the North East of Thailand. The majority of the area is covered in hills, with one of the highlights being the Lam Pao Dam. You do need to cross the Lam Pao Reservoir by ferry if you want to get from one part of the northem province to the other. The area is best known for the number of dinosaur fossils found in the area. The majority of the economy is fuelled by the sales of rice and sugar cane, although a lot of skilk production also occurs here. Tourists come to visit the national parks in the area.

Photo of lady with flowers in Kalasin, Thailand
  • Mueang Kalasin
  • Na Mon
  • Kamalasi
  • Rong Kham
  • Kuchinarai
  • Khao Wong
  • Yang Talat
  • Huai Mek
  • Sahatsakhan
  • Kham Muang
  • Tha Khantho
  • Nong Kung Si
  • Somdet
  • Huai Phueng
  • Sam Chai
  • Na Khu
  • Don Chan
  • Khong Chai