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VALENTINES DAY period - For flower delivery on 14th February (or any date between 10th and 20th February please choose flowers from our Valentines Day Category only

These are our best selling items. In Thailand the most popular flowers to send are roses and then lilies. Why not combine roses and lilies, since roses are romantic and lilies have a wonderful aroma which will fill any room. Roses and lilies are available in in all provinces in Thailand

6 Red Roses Gift Pack
USD 109.99

6 Roses Gift Pack (Best Seller)

A gift pack containing roses, bear, heart pillow - chocolates and more. An amazing romantic gesture.

12 (standard) Roses, Bear & Chocolates 95
USD 99.99

12 (standard) Roses, Bear & Chocolates

The standard gift for every girl. Includes lovely roses, cute teddy bears, and chocolates.

Adorable 99
USD 89.99


The sweet fragrance of this bouquet will surely capture the heart. This bouquet of flowers is both beautiful and elegant.

18 Roses & Lilies Vase 75
USD 99.99

12 Roses & 6 Lilies Vase

The flowers are beautifully organized in a clear vase. The perfect combination of roses and lilies in a vase.

Magician 151
USD 74.99


A truly magical gift for her. This beautiful arrangement of various flowers is a sight to see.

Purple and Pink
USD 89.99

Purple and Pink Vase

A perfect combination of purple and pink flowers. This arrangement is just a beauty to gaze upon.

18 Red Roses in Bouquet 71
USD 95.99

18 Red Roses in Bouquet

Red roses made specially for her. The classic bouquet for a gentleman.

Rythum of Love
USD 89.99

Rythum of Love

This is a spectacular and classic bouquet. It is a combination of white, pink, and a shade of purple flowers.

6 Pink Roses and a Cute Bear 73
USD 89.99

6 Pink Roses and a Cute Bear

The romantic gift set for your special person. Some beautiful flowers and a cute teddy bear to show your affection.

Timeless Beauty
USD 69.99

Timeless Beauty

A classic and elegant flower arrangement on a white vase. An ideal choice for love or romance.

Dutch Rose 214
USD 89.99

Dutch Rose

Rare and beautiful dutch roses tied with a fine ribbon. A perfect gift for your very special person.

Classic Bouquet 217
USD 79.99

Classic Bouquet

A classic bouquet that is made even more beautiful wrapped in white and a red ribbon. Simply amazing!

9 Roses (Lucky) 93
USD 74.99

9 Roses (Lucky)

A classic bouquet with red roses, tied with a red ribbon. The bouquet shows both style and class.

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