Flowers and Fruit Basket

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** This item is not available for delivery over the Valentines Day period. **

For delivery 10th - 20th February please choose flower arrangements from our Valentines Day Category only HERE.

This wicker basket contains pink roses and an assortment of fruits.

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Cakes - Medium/Large:

2 Pound Brownie (+USD 45.00)
3 Pound Birthday (+USD 60.00)
4 Pound Fruit/Cream (+USD 75.00)
2 Pound Brownie Cake 3 Pound Birthday Cake 4 Pound Fruit/Cream Cake

Cakes - Small:

1 Pound Chocolate Fruit (+USD 37.00)
1 Pound Fruit Cream (+USD 37.00)
1 Pound Chocolate (+USD 37.00)
1 Pound Chocolate Fruit 1 Pound Fruit Cream Cake 1 Pound Chocolate Cake


Ferrero Rocher Small (+USD 30.00)
Ferrero Rocher Large (+USD 37.00)
Small box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates Small box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

Krathong Boats:

Krathong (+USD 29.00)

Mothers Day Garland:

Jasmine Garland (Mothers Day) (+USD 25.00)
Jasmine Garland (Mothers Day)

Perfume "Laong Siam" Brand - (Bangkok Delivery Only):

Perfume Name - "Peony" (+USD 49.00)
Perfume Name - "Jasmin Tea" (+USD 49.00)
Perfume Name - "Siam Lily" (+USD 49.00)
Perfume Name - "Vallaris Glabra" (+USD 49.00)
Peony Perfume Jasmine Tea Perfume Perfume Siam Lily Perfume Name - "Vallaris Glabra"

Perfume "Shiva Shiva" Brand - (Bangkok Delivery Only):

Testers Set (3 small bottles). Perfume Names "Pattaya Blossom", "Bangkok Blossom", "Phuket Blossom" (+USD 30.00)
Perfume Name - "Bangkok Blossom" (+USD 49.00)
Perfume Name - "Pattaya Blossom" (+USD 49.00)
Perfume Name - "Phuket Blossom" (+USD 49.00)
Perfume Testers Perfume Bangkok Perfume Pattaya Perfume Phuket

Teddy Bears:

30 Cm Brown Teddy (+USD 25.00)
30 Cm White Teddy (+USD 25.00)
30 Cm Dog (+USD 35.00)
50 Cm Brown Teddy (+USD 55.00)
30 CM Tall - Teddy 30 Cm Tall WhiteTeddy Bear 30 Cm Dog 50 Cm Brown Teddy

Teddy Bears..:

30 Cm Love You Bear (+USD 30.00)
30 Cm Pooh Bear (+USD 30.00)
30 Cm Monkey (+USD 30.00)
100 Cm Brown Bear (+USD 89.00)
30 Cm Love You Bear 30 Cm Pooh Bear 30 Cm Monkey 100 Cm Brown Bear

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