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18 Champagne Roses Basket

18 Champagne Roses Basket 55
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This item is not available for delivery on Valentines Day - For flower delivery from 10th to 20th February please order ONLY from the Valentines Day Category

This basket contains 18 white (champagne) roses. White is a symbol of purity and innocence all over the world. This arrangement is also decorated with two apples which of course can be eaten! This would make a great Birthday gift or gift for any other occasion.

The white roses have a number of connotations. Purity and innocence - for this reason white roses are used in bridal bouquets throughout the world. This meaning is also applicable in Thailand. At weddings ceremonies white flowers of many kinds are often given. When mixed red/white roses the meaning is “pure love”.

White roses have been grown in Asia (mainly in China) for around 500 years. White flowers in general in Thailand have a wide variety of uses. White Jasmine flowers are given for mothers day for mum, or for older respected members of the family. White flowers (although not usually roses) are also given for funerals. However, the use of white roses are not in anyway limited to these occasions (funerals, weddings or respectful gifts for elders) in fact white roses can really be given at any time. We could say that white roses can really be a gift for anyone, for any occasion.

18 roses are a popular number of flowers to send in Thailand. Why? - because the number 9 is considered to be a lucky number in Thailand. So it is commonplace to send multiples of 9 flower stems as gifts in Thailand. In most countries multiples of 12 flowers are usually sent (being based on the Western “dozen”). However counting in dozens doesn't seem to have ever been adopted in Thailand. Therefore 9,18,27 flower stems in a gift is common here.

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