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National Flower of Thailand

The National Flower of Thailand

There are many native flowers of Thailand. The national flower is called Ratchaphruek, also known as the Golden Shower Tree is the national flower of Thailand. This is a well known flower which can be seen growing throughout the kingdom of Thailand.

This flower also has a number of other names, two of which are "Khun" and the other is "Chaiyaphruek". The colour of the Ratchaphruek is highly significant since it is yellow, the royal colour of Thailand. The name Ratchaphruek has a royal meaning. The yellow colour also symbolises glory in Thai culture

Ratchaphruek flowers originally come from India, they can also be found growing in Indonesia however the Indonesian varienty of Chaiyaphruek is usually purple in colour. The Ratchaphruek plant is usually around 10+ metres tall and can often be seen growing at roadsides in Thailand. The flowers hand down from twigs, or small branches and flowers for a cluster each flower having five petals.

This plant has a medicinal value, certain parts of the plant can be used as a laxative. This tree blossoms between February and May each year.

Ratchaphruek Picture

Ratchaphruek Flower

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