Teddy Bears

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3 (standard) Roses and Bear 148
USD 54.99

3 (standard) Roses and Bear

The standard 3 roses for any romantic occasion. Made even better with a cute teddy bear.

6 Pink Roses and a Cute Bear 73
USD 74.99

6 Pink Roses and a Cute Bear

The romantic gift set for your special person. Some beautiful flowers and a cute teddy bear to show your affection.

12 (standard) Roses, Bear & Chocolates 95
USD 79.99

12 (standard) Roses, Bear & Chocolates

The standard gift for every girl. Includes lovely roses, cute teddy bears, and chocolates.

12 Rose Bouquet Gift Pack 173
USD 119.00

12 Rose Bouquet Gift Pack

This large gift pack contains everything you need to make your lady happy.

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