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All perfumes delivered OUTSIDE of BANGKOK are delivered by post and usually take 2 days to arrive. All flowers are delivered by hand. Perfumes delivered INSIDE Bangkok can be hand delivered together with flowers if you wish.
Perfume Bangkok
USD 49.00

Shevasheva Perfume - Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is appreciated for its art and culture prosperity lashed with its modernity’s embrace.

Perfume Phuket
USD 49.00

Shevasheva Perfume - Phuket

The Phuket fragrance attracts attention with its fresh summery and fun.

Perfume Pattaya
USD 49.00

Sheveshiva Perfume - Pattaya

Pattaya, the sleepless city that light is never dimmed after the sunset but shining spicy and rich merry on stage performance at its savor.

Perfume Moke
USD 49.00

Laong Siam Perfume - Moke

The queen of Siam white flowers. A unique scent so familiar as well. Opening with fresh Mok scent mixing with grapefruit to reinforce a little more refreshing.

Perfume Plumeria
USD 49.00

Laong Siam Perfume - Plumeria

Bright scents of Plumeria mentioned mix with ancient siam powder. The soft scent helps make the mind calm and relaxation.

Perfume Vallaris-Glabra
USD 49.00

Laong Siam Perfume - Vallaris-Glabra

Smell the fragrance of the queen of twilight flower, Vallaris Glabra. The special is a smell Mixed with the aromatic scents of pandan and melon.

Perfume Siam Lily
USD 49.00

Laong Siam Perfume - Siam Lily

The aroma of fresh flowers are sacred siam lily. In the Thai ancient belief this flower can be dispel the bad things away.

Pefume Peony
USD 49.00

Laong Siam Perfume - Peony

The scents of the highly valuable flower of China. Feels the Beautiful and aromatic agitated Coordination by opening scents of blueberries add luscious style. And fix lasting odorable with sandalwood incense.

Perfume Butterfly Pea
USD 49.00

Laong Siam Perfume - Butterfly Pea

Opening with a fresh citrus aroma, soft green tones in a typical men's fragrance.

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