Love & Romance

Many of us have had a holiday romance. And many of us have stayed in touch and developed long-term relationships with those we left in distant lands.

The heady mix of tropical weather, exotic setting, and beautiful smiling faces mean that in the Land of Smiles it’s easy to fall in love., the feeling you have when you’re both apart and the longing to be close is a strong one.

Sometimes the best way to deal with the distance is to send flowers. Gogo Florist is the premier flower delivery in Thailand service and we can deliver your flowers in all provinces and even to the most remote location.

We have a large selection of roses for romance.

For delivery over the Valentine's Day period  12th to 14th February please order ONLY from the Valentine's Day Section

9 Roses (Lucky) 93
USD 59.99

9 Roses (Lucky)

A classic bouquet. Tied with a red ribbon. The bouquet shows both is stylish and sophisticated.

6 Red Roses Gift Pack
USD 99.99

6 Roses Gift Pack (Best Seller)

A gift pack containing flowers, bear, heart pillow - chocolates and more. An amazing romantic gesture.

12 (standard) Roses, Bear & Chocolates 95
USD 89.99

12 (standard) Roses, Bear & Chocolates

A great romantic gift for any lady. 12 stems, Bear and Chocolates

Classic Bouquet 217
USD 79.99

Classic Bouquet

A classic bouquet that is made even more beautiful wrapped in white and a red ribbon. Simply amazing!

Sweet Love
USD 74.79

Sweet Love

A popular gift for your special person. A cute teddy bear with a beautiful flower bouquet.

Simply Delightful
USD 87.99

Simply Delightful

Pink and white flowers arranged beautifully on a pink bouquet. Perfect for the one you love.

Tied For Ever
USD 79.99

Tied For Ever

Red flower basket. It is arranged in a beautiful wicker basket with a bear.

Cute Romance 100
USD 64.99

Cute Romance

A classic gift for ladies. Each set contains a cute bear, chocolates and three lovely flowers.

9 Red Roses with Bear (Lucky) 91
USD 99.99

9 Premium Kung Ming Red Roses with Bear (Lucky)

This is a simple yet elegant bouquet. Each set contains a bear and an beautiful arrangement of flowers.

Good Fortune 115
USD 59.99

Good Fortune

This bouquet is just amazing. Pink flowers beautifully wrapped in white.

Pink Perfect 281
USD 79.99

Pink Perfect

The perfect pink bouquet just for her. A stunning choice for love or romance.

Absolute Perfection 142
USD 89.99

Absolute Perfection

A beautiful arrange of various colors of flowers. It is absolutely perfect for any occasion.

Dutch Rose 214
USD 79.99

Bouquet Of Roses

A bouquet of beautiful roses is the perfect surprise for your special someone. We deliver a number of rose bouquet options across Bangkok & Thailand.

Lovers Touch 286
USD 77.99

Lovers Touch

A classic and stunning flower bouquet. The perfect bouquet for lovers.

Bearing Gifts 222
USD 99.99

Bearing Gifts Vase

Send the right gift. This stylish arrangement of flower is made even more beautiful with a cute teddy bear.

18 Roses & Lilies Vase 75
USD 89.99

12 Roses & 6 Lilies Vase

The flowers are beautifully organized in a clear vase. The perfect combination of roses and lilies in a vase.

Baby Bear Bouquet 53
USD 71.49

Baby Bear Bouquet

Is a bouquet of flowers too mainstream? Get this bouquet of beautiful flowers with a cute beat on top.

Always Mine 111
USD 74.99

Always My Valentine

This bouquet is simply a marvel to look upon. It contains a mix of white, pink and a shade of purple flowers.

Best Wishes 221
USD 76.99

Best Wishes

Send your best wishes. This classic and elegant bouquet of 12 roses is perfect.

Art Deco 272
USD 75.89

Art Deco

A classic and elegant flower arrangement of a vase. A perfect choice for love or romance.

24 Red Roses Vase 66
USD 99.99

24 Premium Red Roses Vase

This beautifully arranged bouquet is even made more beautiful in a vase. It not only looks good but smells good.

24 Red Roses Bouquet 72
USD 99.99

24 Premium Red Roses Bouquet

More flowers are better. The classic bouquet for a romantic date or for Valentine's Day.

18 Red Roses (Lucky) 103
USD 89.99

18 Red Roses (Special Offer)

The classic Valentine's day gift. A bouquet that will surely capture one's heart.

18 Red Roses in Bouquet 71
USD 89.99

18 Red in Bouquet

Red roses made specially for her. The classic romantic bouquet.

12 Rose Bouquet Gift Pack 173
USD 123.19

12 Valentine Red Rose Bouquet Gift Pack

This large gift pack contains everything you need to make your lady happy.

Adorable Twist 279
USD 71.49

Adorable Twist

A beautiful purple flower bouquet. The perfect flowers tied with a purple ribbon.

100 red roses
USD 249.99

99 Red Roses Bouquet

This could well be the ultimate statement of love. 99 is the luckiest number in Thailand. 99 high quality import stems.

Bearing Blooms 224
USD 109.99

Bearing Blooms

Give the best gift you can find. This set includes an amazing arrangement of pink roses and a cute teddy bear.

Adorable 99
USD 79.99


The sweet fragrance of this bouquet will surely capture the heart. This bouquet of flowers is both beautiful and elegant.

3 (standard) Roses and Bear 148
USD 76.99

3 (standard) Roses and Bear

The standard 3 roses for any romantic occasion. Made even better with a cute teddy bear.

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Our service runs 7 days a week, and we also provide a fast efficient same-day delivery service throughout the country. With Gogo Florist sending flowers to Thailand has never been easier.

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