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For Orders for Delivery 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th February please order from the Valentines Day Category only.

Flowers are always special and the best way to say CONGRATULATIONS! It’s easy to have a stunning bouquet of flowers delivered, it’s quick and, flowers are beautiful. They are the best way to say congratulations, whether for a new baby, a birthday, an engagement or wedding, graduation, promotion or anniversary.

Choose an elegant bouquet of lilies, a romantic bunch of roses, have them gift wrapped or in a vase, add a cute and fluffy teddy bear or even a delicious iced cake. You can go small, large or totally over the top too! Add a note and show how much you care.

Bearing Gifts 222
USD 111.99

Bearing Gifts Vase

Send the right gift. This stylish arrangement of flower is made even more beautiful with a cute teddy bear.

Magician 151
USD 79.99

Valentines Magic

A truly magical gift for her. This beautiful arrangement of various flowers is a sight to see.

18 Pink Roses in Vase 70
USD 99.99

18 Pink Roses in Vase

Pink roses for her. Beautifully arranged in a white vase.

Adorable Basket 79
USD 87.99

Adorable Basket

A classy basket that contains a beautiful arrangement of various flowers. An ideal present for any occasion.

Celebration 219
USD 76.99


This arrangement is composed of various color combination of flowers. Perfect for any type of celebration.

Special Day
USD 65.99

Special Day

A beautiful arrangement of flowers that are a shade of purple. The perfect present for your special love one's day.

Thai Style Bouquet
USD 71.99

Pretty Pink Wrap

The classic Thai style bouquet. It has a very beautiful arrangement, the perfect present for any occasion.

Flamboyant 212
USD 76.99


Amazing flower arrangement on a gorgeous white vase. It is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Pastel Sensation
USD 76.99

Pastel Sensation

The bouquet is a beautiful mix of different colors of roses. It is a bouquet of both beauty and class.

Orchids in Abundance 83
USD 98.99

Orchids in Abundance

Rare orchids that are beautifully arranged. It is a wonder to behold.

Pink Posie 195
USD 65.99

Pink Posie

A beautiful and colorful arrangement of flowers. It shows one's beauty and youth.

Lilies Surprise Basket 74
USD 71.99

Lilies Surprise Basket

Surprise the woman of your life with these astonishing lilies. Each bouquet is a mix of various unique flowers.

Colourful Celebration 216
USD 71.99

Colourful Celebration

A beautiful mix of blue, pink and purple flowers on a classic wicker basket. Perfect for special occasions.

Looking Good 82
USD 68.99

Looking Good

The bouquet that says "You're looking good!". It is a beautiful mix of various flowers.

USD 63.99

Valentines Flirt

A beautiful arrangement of flowers in an orange bouquet. Simply elegant in any occasion.

Congratulations Vase 76
USD 71.99

Congratulations Vase

The best way to greet someone on his/her success. It is a mix of various beautiful flowers.

Femme 89
USD 64.99


The bouquet of flowers especially arranged for her. Wrapped in white, the bouquet is as elegant as it is beautiful.


Congratulations gifts are great to give for special occasions such as a wedding, promotion, graduation, and so on. A simple gift, like a small box of chocolates is enough to show your thanks for a job well done.

A person's birthday would be an appropriate time for giving congratulations in Thailand, as it is celebrated every year at the same time in most countries. So you will know if someone is already celebrating his/her birthday in Thailand, when they bring home a big box of chocolates from their overseas relative. Of course, you can also consider sending them something that is more useful than chocolates, but of course not too expensive!

If you want to celebrate the birthday of a Thai colleague or friend, you will be delighted to know that there are plenty of congratulations gifts to choose from in Thailand. You may choose from the traditional "Congratulations! on your promotion "gifts, the more modern" Congratulations! your marriage" type of gift or the more unusual "Congratulations!"

If you are looking for some fun gifts in Thailand, then it is good to know that it's easy to find some gifts for children as well. It's best to choose the ones that they will cherish and remember for years to come. Most of these gifts are not only practical but also cute and funny, and will certainly go a long way in helping the child feel proud of their achievements.

It is also a good idea to send a few congratulations gifts to colleagues and family members who have given up their career, as you will not only be saying thank you for their services, but also reminding them that there is life after work. There are plenty of congratulations gifts available, but you can always find something new, especially if you visit some of the gift shops in Bangkok. You will be able to find different types of gifts, including gifts that will help the recipient to cope with the loss of their career, gifts that will help them make new connections, and even some that will help them start a new career. And of course, the gifts that will help the recipient to celebrate their achievements and life after work are always welcome.

For congratulations gifts in Thailand, just make sure that you choose wisely and that you choose a gift that is suitable to the occasion, so that it will not offend anyone. Happy congratulations, and happy travels!

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