Birthday Gifts Thailand

Everyone loves to receive flowers for a birthday celebration. Flowers are happy, they’re celebratory and they are a great way to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. A bunch of brightly colored flowers, fresh and informal, are fabulous. You can keep things as simple and as cheerful as you want with country flowers or you can go the extra special with roses Thailand bouquets.

Send your flower gifts to Bangkok, and surrounding areas like Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi, or Samut Songkram.

If you want to add a little more, then adding a teddy bear or a gorgeous iced cake is divine too. Everyone appreciates flowers, send them to their home or office, add a note, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

For delivery over the Valentine's Day period  12th to 14th February please order ONLY from the Valentine's Day Section

24 Red Roses Bouquet 72
USD 99.99

24 Premium Red Roses Bouquet

More flowers are better. The classic bouquet for a romantic date or for Valentine's Day.

Bearing Blooms 224
USD 109.99

Bearing Blooms

Give the best gift you can find. This set includes an amazing arrangement of pink roses and a cute teddy bear.

Bearing Gifts 222
USD 99.99

Bearing Gifts Vase

Send the right gift. This stylish arrangement of flower is made even more beautiful with a cute teddy bear.

Cheerful Meeting 218
USD 81.39

Cheerful Meeting

A classic arrangement of beautiful flowers in a clear vase. Perfect for expressing your love.

Arms Full of Love 229
USD 91.29

Arms Full of Love

Beautiful flowers of shades of pink wrapped in light blue bouquet. An amazing gift for any occasion.

18 Champagne Roses Basket 55
USD 89.99

18 Champagne Roses Basket

This basket is composed of 18 beautiful,white and rare roses. A classic and luxurious basket, perfect for special occasions.

Baby Bear Bouquet 53
USD 71.49

Baby Bear Bouquet

Is a bouquet of flowers too mainstream? Get this bouquet of beautiful flowers with a cute beat on top.

Cosmic Electric 252
USD 79.19

Cosmic Electric

Vibrant flower color combinations. A flower vase gift for love or romance.

Colourful Dreams 215
USD 89.99

Valentines Dream

A beautifully arranged mix of various flowers on a classic wicker basket. A perfect gift for any occasion.

Colourful Celebration 216
USD 79.19

Colourful Celebration

A beautiful mix of blue, pink and purple flowers on a classic wicker basket. Perfect for special occasions.

Carnival of Colours 52
USD 93.49

Carnival of Colours

This bouquet is composed of a combination of unique Thai flowers. It is specially arranged to look classy and elegant.

Brilliant Blue 51
USD 79.19

Brilliant Blue

A bouquet made from different and unique Thai flowers. It will surely catch anyone's eyes.

6 Pink Roses and a Cute Bear 73
USD 104.49

6 Pink Roses and a Cute Bear

The romantic gift set for your special person. Some beautiful flowers and a cute teddy bear to show your affection.

Birthday Greetings 63
USD 79.19

Birthday Greetings

This bouquet of flowers is perfect for any occasion. It is a unique and beautiful combination of pink and white flowers.

18 Pink Roses in Vase 70
USD 89.99

18 Pink Roses in Vase

Pink roses for her. Beautifully arranged in a white vase.

Blush 258
USD 76.99


A perfect color mix of different flowers. It is tied with a red ribbon.

Birthday Girl 62
USD 81.39

Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl. It contains assorted pink and white flowers.

Birthday Bundle 57
USD 105.59

Birthday Bundle

An affordable and beautiful gift package for your loved ones. The package includes a magnificent flower bouquet and a cute teddy bear.

Best Wishes 221
USD 76.99

Best Wishes

Send your best wishes. This classic and elegant bouquet of 12 roses is perfect.

Adorable Twist 279
USD 71.49

Adorable Twist

A beautiful purple flower bouquet. The perfect flowers tied with a purple ribbon.

Adorable Basket 79
USD 96.79

Adorable Basket

A classy basket that contains a beautiful arrangement of various flowers. An ideal present for any occasion.

18 Roses & Lilies Vase 75
USD 89.99

12 Roses & 6 Lilies Vase

The flowers are beautifully organized in a clear vase. The perfect combination of roses and lilies in a vase.

18 White Roses 174
USD 89.99

18 White Roses

A beautiful white bouquet. It symbolizes purity and perfect for love and romance.

Kind Regards 144
USD 79.19

Kind Regards

Send your best regards. These bouquet of pink and white flowers are perfect.

Absolute Perfection 142
USD 89.99

Absolute Perfection

A beautiful arrange of various colors of flowers. It is absolutely perfect for any occasion.

Dutch Roses 211
USD 96.79

Dutch Roses

The classic bouquet composed of rare dutch roses. Specially made just for her.

Magician 151
USD 109.99


A truly magical gift for her. This beautiful arrangement of various flowers is a sight to see.

Pink, White and Red
USD 81.39

Pink, White and Red

A beautiful flower arrangement on a clear vase. An ideal choice for a gift.

USD 87.99


A pink bouquet of beautiful flowers. Just for the one you love.

Rustic Shine
USD 98.99

Rustic Shine

Beautifully arrange flowers in a clear vase. It shines above others.

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