Valentine’s Day, A Special Day of Love

Love is growing stronger in the air and as the most romantic day of the year approaches, many doors of opportunity present themselves open creating new ways to make something special happen for our loved ones and significant others. This lovely day in February is a moment in time when we try our best to show our love and appreciation in the most memorable way ever. It can be done in so many ways. Solid and shiny material presents such as jewelry, sweet smelling perfumes, stuffed animals, or a heart shaped boxes of chocolates always tend to bring smiles and hugs. With so many choices to choose from to express your love on this day, it can be overthought and the incorrect gift could possibly be given. Make sure you have the correct solution and do not look further than the universal present, flowers! Red roses symbolize love while red and pink tulips represent new beginnings. These choices can be an excellent way to start a new romance. You can also use different types of flowers to ease things through a troubled relationship. So what are the best flowers for your Valentine’s Day loved one? Roses are obviously the most common choice and happen to be the most given gift on Valentine’s Day. However, there are other special offers to choose from!

 The Significance of Roses

Roses are considered the most popular flower for Valentine’s Day because they signify passionate love and romance. It has been said that this thorny type of flower was a favorite of Venus, who was the Goddess of love.

 12 (standard) Roses, Bear & Chocolates

There is no clear reason why roses hold the top spot as a gift for this time of year, but there is plenty of speculation. They are very beautiful to look at and they have an alluring fragrance. These 12 small Thai roses pack a love punch that will knock your partner into a romantic awe! With a cute teddy bear and a pack chocolates, your loved one is bound to gleam with a smile.

9 Roses

A simple way to show your admiration for the one you care about and love. This is a classic bouquet of 9 red roses bundled up tightly is thought to bring you some luck when sending a romantic message along with them. Your loved one will truly be astonished and experience joy when receiving such a gift on this day of love and affection. This is a great way of getting your message across.

Truly Tulips

Tulips (most notable, red ones) have been said that they stand for ‘perfect love’. That is based on a Turkish legend. However, if the tulips are pink, you are searching for a new beginning with your loved one. Yellow tulips are thought of as cheerful thoughts and might typically be given when you have learned that someone you care about is feeling down. If you are just looking for something to fill in the gap of forgiveness and patch up that important relationship you value, a bundle of tulips in any assortment will do the trick.

Lovely Lillies

There are so many various types of lilies. It will not be very difficult to find that suitable gift for you loved on. Lillie’s represent different meanings depending on the species, color, and assortment. Tiger lilies symbolize a strong passion while Casa Blanca lilies speak beauty, class, and style. Whatever your preference, you cannot go wrong with lilies as a gift.

A Mild Heart

This assortment of lilies and roses can sooth the heart and astonish your loved one in the most elegant way. Bundled tightly with a red and white ribbon and placed in a white vase, this bouquet of flowers is a great gift that makes a delightful and romantic gift.

This is too Adorable

A combination of adorbale red roses and Asiatic lilies arranged and hand wrapped with bouquet paper and a mixed red-pink ribbon is a romantic gift. When most send only red roses, some go out and do a bit extra and mix it up with a combination of these two giving your loved one an added scent! However you choose to spend your love energy on this day of hearts and warmth, take the time to reflect on those that you care about most and present them with the lovely universal and sweet smelling gift of flowers Thailand!

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