Wedding bouquet trends

This year wedding bouquets have been about greenery. There have been flowers, of course, but evergreen has been super trendy and while we like it, were pleased to announce that FLOWERS ARE BACK! 2019 wedding bouquets are all about bold and beautiful colours, big flowers, a lot of romance and a lot of bright colours.

Pastels are pretty yesteryear. While we have to say we do love pastels, especially with a white wedding dress, a white wedding cake and pretty white lace, were quite glad to see that bold colours have taken over. Orange and red and huge for 2019, deep purples and violets are taking centre stage, and even dark yellow is super hip. We feel that wedding bouquets for 2019 are just like women - bold, striking and fearless.

If you are planning your wedding bouquet for next year, remember there are no rules when it comes to flowers. If you want simple and pretty, go for simple and pretty. If you want bold and over the top, do it. Its your wedding and youre only going to have one. Hopefully! Choose the flowers that match your personality, your venue, your wedding dress and you!

Foliage is still very trendy, but mixed with King Proteas, Orchids and Anthurium. Flowers are romantic, but in a more natural way. Tight bouquets are not very fashionable anymore, rather flowers and foliage are loose and light, held together with a beautiful ribbon or rope. Things are not as tailored as they used to.

Of course you can never go wrong with a classic white wedding bouquet. Of course, you can throw a gorgeous romantic red into the mix, and add a few natural lush greens to keep a garden aesthetic. You may even want to do blues - which we love by the way - deep blue flowers are exquisite. Add a couple of peonies or dahlias and you instantly have a look that is sophisticated but natural, floral and scented, striking and sexy, all at the same time.

Flower crowns will always be gorgeous for a wedding. Try your flower crown on a few times BEFORE you decide on the style. Remember, your hair will be done on the day of your wedding and so you must try your crown on with the hairstyle you are going to have on the day. And while flower crowns are beautiful, they dont suit everyone. You may have a tiara, a bloom behind your wedding or a crown - your wedding, your choice.

Some brides go for traditional flowers, others go exotic. 2019 is going to be the year of the exotic flower. A few strelitzias always look rather divine, and you cannot go wrong with orchids. Simple bouquets of lavender and babys breath re also pretty if thats your thing - you dont need trends to dictate to you.

Our only advice is to try out your flowers in advance. Whether you are making your own bouquet, or you have a wedding stylist doing it for you - practice does make perfect!