The Maine Flower Show, USA, 2019

One of the most lovely flower shows in the USA takes place in Maine on the East Coast. Next year the show is from 27 to 31 March 2019, inclusive. Its a large show, produced by members of the Maine horticulture industry, and is the biggest event in the region. The show has a new home - it is at Thompsons Point in Portland - and is the perfect show for networking, new business opportunities, landscaping, design, and of course, flowers galore.

The Maine Flower Show includes garden displays, plant exhibits, organic gardening, workshops and seminars, garden supplies, garden furniture and everything and anything to do with gardens. Exhibitors come from all over the USA, and the show is hugely popular with horticulturists, people in the industry, but ordinary garden lovers too.

If you have not been to Maine, then you will not know about its beauty. The state of Maine is beautiful. Wild natural forests, magnificent ocean, beautiful skies and incredible people. Maine is not just beautiful to look at, the whole state is about beauty and nature. People in Maine try and live a natural and organic life. And the Maine Flower show fits right in with the ethics and way of life of the residents.

In Maine there is emphasis on local and community. And if you are a local, you will buy local as much as possible. For this reason, the Maine Flower Show is a great place for networking and making new contacts. And for shopping too. If you want new garden furniture, seedlings, a garden swing or a new tree - go to the Maine Flower Show.

The show opens on the 27th March and the grand opening is from 6.30 to 9.30 pm. The grand opening festivities include an award ceremony and then all the display gardens, exhibits and of course, snacks and drinks! Thereafter there are four full days of flowers. You can look at the schedule online.

The workshops and seminars are still to be finalised but basically you can learn about landscaping for Maine, discover native plants, get hands on advice from experts whose expertise includes protection from native pests, planting indigenous trees and shrubs, and all the colorful trends in Zone 5 perennials. The workshops are always inspiring and attendees come away with some new and extraordinary gardening knowledge.

Some of last years exhibitors include Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Broadway Gardens, Bartlett Tree Experts, Dog Not Gone, Fort Williams Park Foundation and Gnome Landscapers. These are just a few - remember, there are literally hundreds.

There is still time to sign up as an exhibitor if you want to. And you can attend the show by booking online or hopefully, getting tickets at the door. If you are in the Maine area, this is one beautiful, colourful and aromatic flower show and you do not want to miss it. And if you are in the USA and on the east coast, you may want to consider travelling specially for this show. And to discover Maine too.