Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, 2019

Well this year has gone quickly and most flower shows for 2018 are coming to an end. Its been a great year for flowers but it is time to start thinking about 2019. Some of our favourite early flower shows taking place early next year are in the USA.

And one of the shows that you may not be familiar with, is the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. It takes place each year in, inside the Walt Disney World Resort, in the Epcot Centre. And of course, it follows a Disney theme.

The Epcot flower show is mostly for visitors - and there are thousands of visitors to Disney World and Epcot every single day - to marvel at these brilliant flowers. It is indeed a showcase for flower growers and people in the flower industry to show off their wares, but mostly, it is about magnificence. Each year there are over 30 million blooms, 700 gardens, around 100 Disney character topiaries, 30 flower towers, 240 floating flower planters and one exquisite and always fairly different flower sculpture.

The flower show is prepared by 400 Walt Disney World horticulturists The show goes on for three months, from 6 March to 3 June, 2019, and it looks good, smells good and is quite exquisite. You can prebook your trip if you want to, but you can also go on the day and combine a visit to Disney World and Epcot. Some people do a day, some take a two or three day pass and one thing is true - everybody is in awe.

Some of the flower wonders that you will see could include Snow White made out of lilies, Shrek made out of lavender and ivy and Minnie Mouse made out of roses and peonies. Each year it is different although the theme is the same - a floral Disney World.

Visitors can also do a behind the seedstour and find out exactly how the Disney horticulturists operate, prepare and plan. You will learn a whole lot about gardening too.

Dont forget to take your cameras. The Epcot flower show will bring all your favourite Disney characters to life, just in a natural way. Everyone will be blown away, irrespective of age, gender or Disney preference. There is also a food and wine festival that takes place side by side to the Epcot flower festival and you wont be short of things to eat, drink and do. Theres plenty of entertainment and of course, this is Disney, so there are plenty of rides too.

Although you can usually buy tickets on the day, it is a good idea to prebook just in case tickets sell out. You can book your tickets online, and you can also book accommodation online, especially if you want to stay in Disney World or at least nearby.

Heres the link. And dont forget to look out for a very floral Beauty and the Beast.