Top Tips for Getting to Sleep – using flowers!

If you have problems sleeping then think about turning your way to flowers.  Because actually, not only do flowers look gorgeous, but the right flowers or houseplants can do wonders for your sleep.
Certain flowers clean the air and produce a natural source of relaxation, enabling you to calm down, relax and fall asleep easily.  These same plants reduce stress and anxiety.
Let’s take a look at the houseplants that can help you cure your insomnia or have small cushions filled with dried lavender.
There is a good reason why people put a few drops of lavender oil on their pillows at night.  Lavender decreases your stress levels, slows down your heart rate and can lower your blood pressure.  The scent of lavender is soothing and calming, and has been known to get babies to stop crying.  You can buy lavender oils or balms, but you can also just put a lavender plant in your bedroom.
Jasmine has a soothing scent, beautiful softly coloured petals and known anti-anxiety properties.  Add a jasmine plant to your bedroom and let it lull you to sleep.  Note too that during your waking hours, Jasmin increases your productivity and energy levels.
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is known as the ‘plant of immortality’ from the old Egyptian days, and it certainly is a hardy, durable plant.  It’s also a pretty plant, one that cleans the air by emitting oxygen and removing carbon dioxide, and it has healing properties.  Put a plant in a lovely ceramic vase or pot plant holder, put it next to your bed and not just sleep well but heal while you sleep.
Snake Plant
This plant will improve your air quality brilliantly.  It will also filter out any toxins that may be in your house, or bedroom, especially benzene,  formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.  These toxins are often found in cleaning products and are not good to breath in.
Spider Plant
Similar to the snake plant, the spider plant is a brilliant air cleaner and is known to remove almost all carcinogens from the air.  It also absorbs any horrible odours from the air and increases the level of oxygen.  Good for your sleep habits?  Absolutely.
English Ivy
English Ivy helps you with allergies and asthma, cleans and purifies the air and also - looks really pretty.  Ivy likes to climb so put it in a hanging basket or let it climb the windowsill, but keep it trimmed.  The downside is that English Ivy can be toxic if eaten, so keep it out of reach from kids.
Bamboo Palm
If you are going to have a houseplant in your bedroom, it may as well be exotic.  Bamboo palm gets rid of toxins and smells and boosts oxygen levels in your house.  It looks good and doesn’t need to much looking after
If you are just starting out with plants in your bedroom, try the lavender or jasmine.  They are good plants, as beginner plants, easy to keep alive and beautiful to look at.
Hope you sleep well!  Wishing you a floral goodnight.

John Shoane

John studied in Thailand and now lives together with his wife in Bangkok. He designs flower arangments for Bangkok flower delivery company also servicing the whole of Thailand