5 gifts to give for valentine’s day in Thailand

Valentine's day in Thailand is still a relatively new holiday. Giving flowers, going on romantic dates and celebrating your love was not a thing 10 years ago. Many  Thai women never dreamed of getting flowers or chocolate from their boyfriends and men didn't have to plan something special for the holiday. But thanks to increased cultural awareness times have changed, now valentine's day is celebrated across all majorr cities in Thailand, and guess what...Thai's love valentine's day! Romance and love is coverted in Thai culture, watch any Thai movie or TV drama and you will see the love triangles, admiration from afar, flirting and romantic love. Thai's are also great at flirting, with many people all over Bangkok offering genuine smiles and pats on the arm to anyone they interact with. Love and romance is becoming much more important in modern day relationships, as is showing affection through gifts. Thailand seems to be adopting valentine's day as an unofficial holiday to be celebrated and it is the perfect country to spend Valentine's day in. If you are on a honeymoon, on holiday or living here with your partner then here are five great ways to show your partner you care this valentine's: 1) Flowers Flowers are the most romantic gift you can buy a woman. Be it roses, lilies, orchids or even a single daisy, flowers signal affection and love. Surprise her at work or deliver them to her condo yourself! If you are someone who has trouble expressing your feelings with words then instead say them with flowers. Don't forget flowers are not just for women, some men also appreciate flowers or other gifts on valentine's. 2) Heart shaped candy Be it chocolate, pink candy or love hearts - something sweet says it all! Combine flowers and chocolates for a great gift (after all chocolate isn't that commonly eaten in Thailand), but do try and splurge and buy nice chocolate. 3) Teddy bears Thai's love big stuffed teddy bears as do most women so if you are unsure of a gift then send a teddy. Jewellery is also a good gift but stuffed toys are less serious but still hold meaning. A simple cute teddy bear holding a rose is sometimes more meaningful than a life sized stuffed bear! 4) Romantic dinner There are many restaurants offering special valentine's dinners for couples, some by candle light, others less formal but still offering good food. If in doubt go to an Italian restaurant and order wine and dessert! If there is a girl (or boy) you like then ask them out for dinner on the 14th of February - it's an easy way to say ‘I like you’. 5) Weekend getaway Thailand is such a beautiful country and there are so many different places to take a weekend getaway with your partner. You could visit the white sandy beaches near Hua Hin or head down to Krabi. Most of the national parks have comfortable cabins so you can stay in nature together, or how about a weekend in Chiang mai, making merit in the golden temples. There are lots of places to make valentine's day weekend truly memorable! Flowers, chocolates and gifts are the easiest gifts to give as a way to show you care for your partner. Whiles valentine's day is a relatively new holiday celebrated in Thailand it is becoming increasingly popular. Head into any 711 and you will see the display of chocolates and small gifts waiting for last minute shoppers, but plan ahead and order some roses and chocolates to be delivered to your home or hotel and make your girlfriends day!!

John Shoane

John studied in Thailand and now lives together with his wife in Bangkok. He designs flower arangments for Bangkok flower delivery company also servicing the whole of Thailand