Thai Monkeys of Chachoengsao Making Village Life Unbearable in Khlong Charoen Wai

 A Thai village located in the Chachoengsao province, Khlong Charoen Wai which is about 80 miles from the countries capital city Bangkok, is having a terrible problem with the local monkeys. They are sneaking into their homes at night to try and steal just about anything they can get their hands on.

The villagers all say that they have had enough, and want the government to do something about their monkey problem. The monkeys are Thai Long Tail Macaques, who are known for the adaptability and craftiness. Just like in other parts of the world, the macaque’s natural habitat is slowly shrinking because of deforestation and people moving into areas that were once the monkey’s private domain.

Monkeys at Chachoengsao Thailand
Monkeys at Chachoengsao Thailand

These are not just any old macaques either, they are incredibly crafty and they plan their attacks to meet the least amount of resistance possible. They sleep all day because that is when the weather is the hottest and the village has the most activity. Then at night, they gather into gangs of 100 or more and raid the village right after most of the lights have been turned off.

If the first incursion did not bring in the food bounty they were hoping for, they reform their ranks and make a second attempt right before the sun comes up when they know everybody is sleeping. One of the villagers was very upset because she bought a brand new wide screen television set and some of the macaques pushed it over, and broke its screen.

Chachoengsao Thailand Monkeys
Chachoengsao Thailand Monkeys

Another villager’s says she has tried everything possible to keep the monkeys out, but they still are able to figure out how to get into her home and steal her food. But, what upsets this 72 year old woman the most is that they keep taking her medication, which she says is very expensive.

The stealing of food is one thing, but continually breaking into the same home to steal medicine could make one believe that they understand how important it is and they are giving it to a few of their friends in their troop that are sick.

These monkeys know how to pick locks and open refrigerator doors, and they even know that rice cookers contain food, so the villagers never leave any rice in them anymore. Hopefully, the government will step in and help this tiny village out by trapping the monkeys and relocating them. If not, some of the villagers might be tempted to take action on their own, which will not be a good for the Thai Long Tail Macaques.


John Shoane

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