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Please Note: We only accept orders online. The reason is because it is much easier to understand delivery instructions in writing than over the phone. When we receive orders online the delivery instructions are written and we do not make any mistakes with delivery addresses, phone numbers etc.

If you have already ordered and need to contact us regarding your order please reply directly to the email we sent you - it will have Order Number #GG..... in the subject. We can then easily understand exactly who you are and what order you are referring to. We reply to emails quickly.

Please do not reply to payment emails you received via PayPal. Please make a new email with the order number (GG...) in the subject line and send to:

email: [email protected]

Flowers Thailand Bangkok

We accept all major credit cards, and PayPal but you do not have to use PayPal. If you wish you can pay directly with credit or debit card on this website. Using our service you can request Bangkok flowers and Thailand flowers nationwide on the same day – but please order by 4:00 PM that day for last minute delivery service.

We will keep you up to date with your flower delivery. If we have not contacted you that means there are no problems! However do feel free to contact us if you want to change the time the flowers are delivered, address or any other delivery instructions you want to give. If you have already ordered you will have received an order number please quote this when contacting us.

Teleflora Agent
We are your Teleflora agent in Thailand. Teleflora was founded in 1934