Thais Living Abroad Can Renew Thai ID Cards Locally

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In a new development this week (January 2013), a Thai national living in a foreign country may be able to replace a damaged, stolen or expired Thai national ID card in that foreign country. For those married to a Thai living in a western country may have put their hands up in the air in frustration with the lack of ability of many consulates and embassies abroad to effectively conduct any paperwork issues for Thai nationals. The common answer is to even the most basic questions, is to go to Thailand and asked there.

It is worth noting that this does not cover the initial issue of a Thai ID card, just replacements. However, many Thai ladies still have interest in Thailand when they live abroad that require a valid ID card, these are the cards that a Thai must have on them at all times by law. Although the list of offices abroad that offer this service is little bit vague with the exact roll-out dates, it is assumed that the following will have the service in the not-too-distant future in 16 embassies or consulates.

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Sydney, Singapore, Berlin, Taipei Los Angeles, New York were named. In typical Thai style the announcement from the foreign and Interior Ministry is vague at best. It then goes on to say that it plans to offer this service twice in North America, at 11 missions in Europe, one in Australia and twice in Asia. All I can recommend is to be aware of this and followed up for the locally if you require one.

On a little bit of a side note, if you have a child that can claim duel citizenship, you may wish to consider the consequences of Thai military conscription before placing their name into a Thai house blue book for an ID card or Thai passport, I believe they use the blue book list to draw the Army subscription lottery from, however I’m not an expert on the subject.

If you find anymore foreign missions who offer this service, please let us know and comment below.