Visit Thailand For Holidays

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Thailand was formerly known as Siam and it's at the center of South East Asia. it is a popular destination for tourists and there are places that if you have not gone while on holiday then you haven't been to Thailand.
Pad Thai Noodle Dish in Thailand
Pad Thai Noodle Dish in Thailand
Phuket is an island with beautiful scenery where you can find hotels all over the island. One is spoiled for choice as there are secluded hotels to give you the privacy that you much need and hotels in urban centers where you can go out for dancing or shopping. In Phuket one can enjoy the beaches, go for fishing, go under the water and learn first hand the different types of fish and have tours both on land and sea. If sports is your thing then one can play golf and enjoy the game while sipping your best drink. Koh Samui is another island you would not want to miss. The warm sandy beaches and clear blue sky invite you to an experience you will remember for a lifetime. At night-time you can choose to go to the fancy restaurants, party or enjoy the beaches. Chiang Mai Chiang Mai is located in the hills away from the sea. it is full of history and culture where you can learn the Thai way of leaving and history. Patatya island is not to be missed from boat riding, fishing, diving under water, bungy jumping and visiting the elephant and water parks. Ko Samet Ko Samet is a very popular tourist island about an hours drive from Bangkok.  It is covered in flowers that look very natural.  It is actually a National Park, Entrance fees are payable about 50m form the ferry drop off areas.  There are many business operating on the island.
Ko Samet Beach Biz Boat Ride
Ko Samet Beach Thailand Banana Beach Ride

Above is a business that is on Ko Samet Island that is a banana boat ride.

typical Thai beach with white sand
Typical Thai Beach Away From the Tourist Traps
The weather in Thailand during the holidays is warm and sunny during the day and cool in the evenings. Christmas is fully celebrated therefore no feelings of missing home but a feeling of extending your holiday. You can relax with family and friends and enjoy yourself not because you are on holiday but because Thailand makes you do that. there are luxurious hotels to choose from each catering for all your needs.
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